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The Erasmus+ Europlay Student Exchange week was a full of learning and fun. Our Polish, Italian and UK partners were warmly greeted on Monday by the whole school in a wonderful assembly led by the German Department. 
After, our ISS Erasmus Students gave them a school tour and they all spent the rest of the day getting to know each other. The next day the students were tasked with looking at data that they had collected from their schools and... more


The cast of ANTIGONE is delighted to invite you to our Spring production.

This Greek play has never been that modern and will leave you thinking about your own vision of life in our society as well as how you make decisions and judgements.
Indeed, beyond the fast-paced story of power, greed, fear & fate, Antigone is a play about the decisions we make at a personal level as well as citizens, the differences that can be found between... more


March has been a busy and very exciting time for the ISS Cheer Team.  The month started with a visit to the SV Vaihingen 1889 eV.  Cheeky Jets to practice with them. This was a great opportunity for the ISS Cheer Team to see a local Cheer Team in action and to learn new elements of dancing and acrobatics.

The new moves were built into choreographies for both Cheer groups and shown in spectacular performances during the GISST Basketball... more


As a MINT-freundliche Schule we are committed to encouraging interest in MINT/STEAM subjects and careers. So, for our Sindelfingen grade 7 students the opportunity to visit the Metal and Electrical Industry InfoTruck at the Sindelfingen market place this Tuesday was one not to be missed! As part of the Sindelfingen Wissenstage initiative, the employers' association Südwestmetall and its member companies use the truck's presentation area of around 80... more


The final exhibition of the 12th Grade Diploma Visual Art program is on display from 5 March to 17 March, 2018. On display is a range of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, digital media and printmaking. The pieces represent a significant portion of the final mark for the course and requires that the students develop a specific theme or concept that is expressed in a body of work. 

One interesting artwork was "The Guilding Steps"... more


Now into the second semester of their IB Diploma course, 11th grade students are starting their Extended Essay preparation and as part of this attended a workshop hosted by the Württembergische State Library on the 28th of February and 7th of March.

The workshop is aimed specifically at students studying for the Abitur and the IB Diploma.  As well an introduction to the services offered the students were given useful tips on how to prepare... more


Franziska started her four-week internship in the Upper School German department at ISS two weeks ago. She already had the opportunity to take over a class in grade 7. "I had a lot of fun and I really felt supported by the teacher whose class I took over!", Franziska said.
She also enjoys the emphasis on respectful and tolerant interaction between teachers and students. "The students showed up to be very open and nice. Already half of my time... more


On February 22 and 23 our Team, comprised of 6th, 7th and 9th grade students in 3 different groups, competed in the Schüler Experimentieren / Jugend Forscht Competition in Sindelfingen. This competition is a great opportunity for students to delve deeply into a topic; to meet other students like them, who are also fascinated by Science; as well as improve their German language skills. All groups worked very diligently and their efforts paid off. They... more


On Saturday 3 March from 10:00 am to 1.30 pm the 2018 ISS Open House Day will take place. The event offers an opportunity for interested families to visit the school and to learn more about the education we offer. Amongst the planned programme items are music performances and science demonstrations. The PYP, MYP and DP coordinators will offer information sessions.

... more


Our Grade 10 in Sindelfingen showed tremendous amount of personality and diverse creativity during the Personal Project writing session last Wednesday!
When these characteristics are coupled with a strong work ethic and overall drive to succeed amazing things happen. Their display of their fourteen Personal Projects at our internal celebration was glorious evidence of this. The projects included, amongst other things, a programmed App for... more


A year ago the “Parents as Partners” initiative took its first tentative steps with the organization of a job fair where parents shared their professional experience with our Middle Years students. The Friday before the Fasching break saw that initiative take another leap forward as our 8th, 9th and 10th grade students visited a wide variety of companies to take a peek behind the boardroom/consulting room/design studio etc. doors to find out more... more


Back in the 1990's there was a slogan for a telephone company campaign in Great Britain called "It's good to talk". 

Yesterday and today at the ISS Degerloch Campus has reminded us of this slogan, and how relevant it is to what we do in education.

The time to sit down and talk about learning, to reflect on where children are and where they are going, to consider what we can all do to support them and to help clarify any mis-... more


Keeping our school safe is an important aspect to us. As a school we address safety on a regular basis and have built a culture of ongoing risk management. We provide our students with a secure learning environment. 
Our School Directors' latest blog entry focuses on student safety. Please click here to read about the topic in greater detail. 

... more


Sindelfingen Campus Grade 8 students again took part in the Schlau Schau in BreuningerLand on January 27th. This 10th Anniversary event attracted around 30,000 people including a number of local dignitaries and our students knowledgeably demonstrated the results of their research into the properties of air and how it affects  the world we live in.

Great job Grade 8 and thank you to Mrs. Jones-Buerk and Mr. Kraft for all their support!

... more

“Read in the Dark” – sounds at first like an impossibility, doesn’t it?  But I wonder how many of us needed a torch as children, not because we were afraid of the dark, but in order to be able to continue to read when we were supposed to be sleeping?

ISS Lower School students experienced that thrill recently. They came suitably attired in their pyjamas (it makes reading more comfortable) and built forts with tables, chairs and blankets. Once... more


In the 18 months of International Cafés our visitors have experienced many different things in addition to soccer and basketball activities and the communication with ISS students, parents and staff volunteers over tea and cake.  They have experienced clowns, magicians, water games and the fun of the circus, but nothing had prepared them for the treat last Sunday – ARCADE GAMES of all different types and sizes! 

As already reported, grade 6... more


As a part of the six week long advisory theme on international mindedness, Grade 6 students participated in a creative project that provided them with an opportunity to create/build/design games using recyclable material.
With a focus on sustainability, homeroom teachers and the MYP Service as Action Coordinator wanted to help students to better understand the idea of re-purposing. 
After they collected the cardboard/paper or other re-... more


Schlau Schau is sponsored by the Sindelfingen Citizen's Foundation (Bürgerstiftung) and is a yearly event, which showcases the learning and creativity going on in the secondary schools in the Sindelfingen area. The show is held in Breuningerland and usually about 30,000 people see the show during the course of the Saturday when it is held. ISS Sindelfingen has been participating the Sindelfingen Schlau Schau event since 2008! 

The theme for... more


Following our successful recognition as a MINT-freundliche Schule and as part of our commitment to supporting STEAM subjects ISS has formed an exciting partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Two MIT students are currently visiting ISS as a part of MIT’s Global Teaching Labs (GTL) program, which allows students at MIT to travel to various countries to teach at local schools. 

Brian Z. is an MIT final year undergraduate... more


Grade 7 students presented their interdisciplinary unit - Language and Literature (English and German), Language Acquisition (English and German), Science and Visual Art - to other Middle Years students, parents and teachers last week and read the stories they created.
Each student focused on one community in the world that is affected by sea level rise and set their story there. The students wrote fictional, dual-language stories, supported by... more