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This year, ISS athletes had a very successful sport season. We finished up the GISST season the last weekend with a great Track & Field tournament in Berlin where the ISS U14 Girls Team won the championship. The U14 girls also set a new GISST record on the 4 x 100 meter relay, and the whole team collected 17 medals!!! Congratulations!!!

Our ISS GISST teams have won 3 Championships in one season for the first time since we are... more


Jessica, Marvin and Fia completed their assessed Gold expedition in the Pfalz last weekend! They hiked 80km over four days and were completely self-sufficient while investigating human impact on the environment. They may be a bit tired today but please do congratulate them!

... more


Over the weekend students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh program along with their chaperones embarked on a hiking and camping journey. Eva, head of the program, reported that “all nine groups and their supervisors returned happy and tired, full of new experiences. No glitches or close calls, but sunshine, rain, campfires, cold nights, amazing views, skies full of stars, energetic kids, brave supervisors, a bit of freedom, lots of learning.”... more


Friday was Multicultural Evening…and wow, what an event! The foyer, Aula and hallways were full as over 800 people visited the many different tables of food representing various nations. There were delicious Italian meats, American pies, sushi, crepes, and many other dishes from around the world. There were so many options it was hard to choose, and everyone certainly walked away with a very full stomach! Students also put on performances. The... more


Last Saturday was the International May Festival at the Sindelfingen Campus. This is an annual event that brings us together to celebrate our cultural specialties, traditions and similarities. Families present aspects of their home cultures. It is an afternoon of dancing, singing, music-making, playing, talking and warm exchanges that bring us closer together as a community. Past students and alumni families came this year, as well as a huge turn-out... more


We have very exciting news! Julia and Marven from the Sindelfingen campus won 2nd place in the Baden-Württemberg Landeswettbewerb for Schüler Experimentieren, organized by Jugend Forscht. This is an exceptional accomplishment that they can be very proud of!


The first ISS Sindelfingen Campus Job Fair on May 3rd was a resounding success. The Parents-As-Partners team prepared fantastic presentations for all the Middle Years students as well as leading mock-interviews for our 9th and 10th grade students. The whole Middle and High School was buzzing – students listening keenly to the parents, parents listening actively to the students, well-prepared questions and fascinating responses all round.

It... more


After the cold and rain and snow of last week we were relieved when Sunday dawned bright and sunny, just in time for the April International Café with refugees from the Helene-Pfleiderer-Straße. The afternoon started with a visit from the “Great Bastian”, the conjuror Bastian Fischer (, who held not only the large party of children, but also the adults spellbound with his conjuring tricks... more


The ISS Sindelfingen Campus is leading a European Council-funded, Erasmus+ project, involving partner schools from Narva in Estonia, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Coma-Ruga in Catalonia. This week, eight of the 5th graders are visiting the school in Spain. The project focuses on exploring local cultural traditions through dual-language team-teaching. In Catalonia the students took part in the St. Jordi celebrations where people made human towers,... more


From March 30th to April 2nd, students from the Middle and Upper School hosted MUNISS 2017, one of only a few conferences in Europe that are entirely student run. Not only were some 120 students from both campuses involved, but ISS also welcomed approximately 450 students from 40 different schools across the globe. Over the course of three days the students were involved in mock debates modelling the United Nations. Kristen... more


A successful International Café again yesterday afternoon!  Around 80 refugees from the Waldau refugee accommodation joined parents, staff and students of ISS for a couple of hours of fun and communication. 

For the younger ones there were hugely enjoyed activities led by circus trainer Lino da Silva including trampoline, unicycle, floor gymnastics and balancing on medicine balls.  Nervous to start with, the children soon found that it was... more


The student-directed theatre production on the Sindelfingen Campus this year was “Miracle”. Julia Z. is the 8th Grade student who re-wrote, established the rights to perform, directed and produce this musical. She has included 5th to 10th Grade students and Middle Years teachers as actors in the piece. She also pulled together a team of lighting and sound technicians, set builders, make-up support and stage hands, from students, staff and her very... more


Before the students left for the Fasching break, the Lower School German Department hosted a traditional Fasching assembly to scare the winter away. Fasching is always a great tradition to show our students at ISS just how crazy the Germans can be! In Stuttgart, Fasching is celebrated by witches and jesters coming out to scare the winter away. These people wear traditional masks made out of wood. This year the German Department invited ten of these... more


Good news regarding our Schüler Experimentieren Team, who competed in the Sindelfingen Stadthalle last Thursday and Friday!

In the category of „Mathematik und Informatik,“ Julia and Marvin (Grade 8) were awarded joint first place for their project on using math to develop strategies to win at Monopoly. They will move on to the next level of competition taking place in May in Balingen! See the link below to read more... more


Artwork from students at ISS and the Wilhelms Gymnasium is currently being displayed at the Lothar-Christmann-Haus, a nursing home in Hoffeld. The title of the exhibit is “Mixed Media,” highlighting a variety of art styles. Not only has this project been a good opportunity for the schools to work more closely together, but the artwork is also a great addition to the home. The director of the home remarked: “The reactions of the residents and visitors... more


On December 3rd we had our annual show up at the Christmas market in Sindelfingen. Our choir with students from Early Years up to Grade 5 were singing German and English Christmas songs. ISS Students have been singing there since 2004. Many visitors came only because they knew that ISS students would be singing. What could be better than having a warm drink and listening to children sing great Christmas songs!


The cold of the outside was in perfect contrast to the warmth of our welcome!

At the beginning of November, in one of the easternmost towns in the European Union, members of staff from four schools across Europe got together to start something special. For the next two school years, the Sindelfingen Campus of ISS Stuttgart will be leading an EU-funded project based on one of our campus's major philosophical motivations: looking at... more


As of today, ISS has 815 students enrolled, the highest number the school has ever reached! Certainly a reason to celebrate! This is significant, considering just one year ago ISS had 778 students and ten years ago the number was at 564. What a jump since 2006! The most recently enrolled students are from India, the United States, Germany and Japan. With 620 students returning from last year, we have approximately 200 new students this year, and... more


Over the summer five ISS students and a chaperone travelled to the Catholic Board School, Snehalaya, in Pune, India where they worked with disabled children, particularly ones with cerebral palsy. What a wonderful adventure they had! One experience that stood out in particular was hiking with university-aged students and helping to guide them. It rained the entire time during the hike, making it much harder, but even more memorable! Going into the... more


Wednesday was the certificate ceremony for the Middle Years Program. It recognized those students who had successfully completed the MYP. The certificate given out enables the students to continue onto the Diploma Program or to leave school to take up vocational training, if they have completed the minimum required amount of schooling in Germany, with the equivalent of the mittlere Reife. At this year’s ceremony there was an emphasis on global... more