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Months of engagement and intensive work will soon culminate in three evenings of music and fascination when the school's musical group performs The Who's “Tommy” starting end of November. 

This musical is supervised by the director of the school Timothy K. and by the experienced choreographer Adrian T. The team, including students from Grade 6 to 12, have been working together since the beginning of the school year, making sure the music and... more


Join us for the 3rd annual Future Directions College & Careers Fair on Friday, November 17, at 4.00 pm, where students and parents can meet representatives from universities and colleges from around the world. 

See who is coming!

... more


A new bike rack station and shelter has been installed during the autumn break in front of the school. We are happy to offer our students a covered bicycle parking that protects bikes from any weather.

Thanks to our PTA who supported this brand-new bike parking solution.



Wednesday 18th October saw two speakers and workshops at ISS to give advice and tips to Diploma students. 

Ms Durrant organised for Raphael S. (ISS Class of 2015) to come to school as part our our Advisory programme focused on Careers. This was the end of a 6 week programme looking at university, internships and gap year planning with the Grade 12 homeroom teachers and Ms Durrant. 

Topics have ranged from studying programme... more


Our Grade 7 students were involved in an interesting and challenging project last week as part of their Service as Action activities. They have been working highly motivated with their Homeroom Teachers knitting scarfs and hats which will be added to a box full of toys, school supplies and sweets for disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe for Christmas.
In today's high-speed world knitting is a very productive and relaxing hobby and it also... more


Congratulations to the cast and crew of the October Play who performed "A Murder is Announced" last week and took the audience back to a small village in the 50s!

It is always very impressive to see how a group works together in such a friendly and supportive way in order to achieve the same goal. An African proverb rightly states that, "if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!".

We are looking forward to... more


When the first ISS Director, Nick Ronai, moved from Bonn to the Stuttgart area he never imagined that the school would grow to its current size.  At that time ISS was based in the “Waldheim” on the outskirts of Böblingen and had less than 20 students.  Visiting ISS last week with his wife, Angela, Nick was delighted to talk to some 3rd grade students preparing for their Brain Expo, to take tea with a grade 7 Language B class and to meet up with... more


Last Saturday, as part of the Service as Action programme, students in grades 9 & 10 participated in a Frist Aid training course at the school. The course was an intensive 8 hour training with a mixture of theoretical and practical components. One of the requirements for the students to take part in this course was that they participate in 3 Service Activities at school as First Aiders. So you will probably see them soon wearing their “First... more


Grade 4 learned about the UN conventions on the rights of a child last week. They had the opportunity to have a guest speaker a few weeks ago from UNICEF who informed the students about different actions they can take to support children’s rights.

As their summative assessment, the students were actively engaged in creating mini skits based on the different articles on children’s rights. They performed their skits last Friday to our grade 3... more


Author and math extraordinaire David Schwartz visited our school last week and our students were very excited to meet him. He taught our students about proportional ratios, exponents and what 10.000 pieces of popcorn looks like. 

The bottom line of his show was that everyone can come up with big ideas and in fact, children are very good at this. 
David Schwartz was a very inquisitive child and he used to ask many questions. Building on... more


Class of 2017 and England youth international player Danny Collinge was part of the VfB juniors squad while working hard to gain his IB Diploma at ISS.  Now playing for the VfB reserve team, Danny appreciates the German approach to enabling young sporting talent to also study and Stuttgart is where he sees himself for the foreseeable future. more


This week (October 9th-13th) is Mental Health Awareness Week here at ISS. The goal for the week is to generate discussion that shifts the focus of mental health towards a positive, proactive approach. We want to establish a pro-active culture where good mental health is worked at and grown like all of our other skills and abilities. 

Each day of the week will have a different theme drawn from the Approaches to Learning (ATL) overarching skill... more


Congratulations to 7th Grader Kieran, from the Sindelfingen Campus, who was chosen to play “Fletcher” in the newly opened production of “Bodyguard” at the Stuttgart SI Zentrum. Of the several boys who play this role, Kieran was chosen to play on the opening night last week.


Did you know………?

The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) learner profile describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success. They imply a commitment to help all members of the school community learn to... more


Our Sports Club (SV-ISS) enables students throughout the school to participate in competitive sports locally and our teams more than hold their own against teams from other local sports clubs in the areas of basketball, soccer and track and field. 

In the past school year SV-ISS experienced an amazing basketball boom, with membership growth and high demand in the basketball section resulting in the need to expand from one to four teams.... more


How do teachers respond when a craze goes viral and all the children are playing with the latest “must-have” toy or gadget? Do we ban it because of the distraction it causes, or do we seek out teachable moments that allow us to engage children in new and exciting ways?

This year has been the year of the fidget spinner, with students reaching for the small whirly device at any available opportunity as they learn new tricks and share ideas... more


This year, ISS athletes had a very successful sport season. We finished up the GISST season the last weekend with a great Track & Field tournament in Berlin where the ISS U14 Girls Team won the championship. The U14 girls also set a new GISST record on the 4 x 100 meter relay, and the whole team collected 17 medals!!! Congratulations!!!

Our ISS GISST teams have won 3 Championships in one season for the first time since we are... more


Jessica, Marvin and Fia completed their assessed Gold expedition in the Pfalz last weekend! They hiked 80km over four days and were completely self-sufficient while investigating human impact on the environment. They may be a bit tired today but please do congratulate them!

... more


Over the weekend students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh program along with their chaperones embarked on a hiking and camping journey. Eva, head of the program, reported that “all nine groups and their supervisors returned happy and tired, full of new experiences. No glitches or close calls, but sunshine, rain, campfires, cold nights, amazing views, skies full of stars, energetic kids, brave supervisors, a bit of freedom, lots of learning.”... more


Friday was Multicultural Evening…and wow, what an event! The foyer, Aula and hallways were full as over 800 people visited the many different tables of food representing various nations. There were delicious Italian meats, American pies, sushi, crepes, and many other dishes from around the world. There were so many options it was hard to choose, and everyone certainly walked away with a very full stomach! Students also put on performances. The... more