First Strategic Plan

Beginning in the academic year 2010/11, ISS leadership, staff, students and families reflected and collaborated to assess how effectively we implement our mission and philosophies. The tool we utilized to gather community input was our Self Study, part of a three-layer accreditation process involving the Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the International Baccalaureate Organization.  The Self Study was the primary tool utilized to inform our Strategic Plan launched in the fall.  The plan was developed under the guidance of external expert, Ms. Adele Hodgson, and released in the form of a document entitled Pathways to 21st Century Learning.  As you can see in the document, the strategic goals represented a highly inclusive process as exemplified by the many different sources used to develop our strategic goals.

After a series of informational sessions to explain the Strategic Plan, the school subsequently released an annual Strategic Plan focusing on specific Operational Actions.  The entire Operational Process was described as follows:

WHY: We plan strategically to evaluated the delivery of our mission and vision
WHAT: The strategic goals are the key performance indicators or priorities in which we want to focus for the next three years
HOW: Each strategic goal has a number of enabling strategies that school leadership, with multiple inputs, have delineated to address the strategic goal.
WHEN: Each enabling strategy comes with a series of specific operational actions under the responsibility of a wide variety of individuals, committees or teams.  These actions have been selected to be completed by the end of they year. 

As part of our10 year accreditation cycle, the school subsequently enjoyed a visit from all three organizations. Their ensuing reports were utilized, along with regular input from groups such as the Academic Council, The Heads of Departments and the various other Leadership Teams in all of our divisions informed subsequent annual Strategic Operational Actions Plans:
Operational Actions 2012/13,
Operational Actions 2013/14.

In order to be able to evaluate the schools progress on the implementation of the Strategic Plan, the Board of Trustees also tasked the School Leadership to develop a series of dashboards and surveys to provide annual feedback as to the school’s progress.  By 2014, ISS had developed its Financial Dashboard to be used by the School’s Finance Committee and a Family Survey for all families at ISS.  By 2015 the school completed the implementation of a classroom survey for students that would help teachers get a sense of student perspective on the ISS learning experience and the implementation of a staff survey for both teaching and non-teaching members of staff.  With all these surveys in place, the school completed its final strategic dashboard of “quality indicators” in 2016 for the Board of Trustee’s strategic understanding of the School Director’s implementation of the schools mission and vision.  This is all in accordance with the responsibilities outlined within the annually reviewed Board of Trustee’s Policy Manual, available in all school main offices.