TEDxYouth Talks

On Saturday June 4th, ISS held its very first TEDxYouth conference! The event was led by a team of Grade 11/12 students, who decided on the theme ‘Who Would Have Thought?’. Over several months, the students auditioned speakers and organized sponsors.

The guest speakers spoke about topics such as embracing the unexpected, space tourism, measuring the worth of a person, setbacks and obstacles during the pandemic, interdisciplinary teaching and women in the workplace. We had a direct link from Hollywood to hear Mr. Rob Edwards speak about making it in the film industry and the struggles of people of colour. Mr. Edwards is a screenwriter/ producer who has worked on many familiar TV shows and films, such as A Different World, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or The Princess and the Frog. Mr. Edwards stayed on after his Tedtalk and took questions from the audience.

In the break, the guests enjoyed baked goods from KIVA, mingling and discussing the theme ‘Who Would Have Thought’ among themselves. The TEDxYouth team thank all the participants, sponsors and school administration for their support in making the event possible.

Congratulations to our TEDxYouth team on a successful event! We hope this will become an annual event at ISS.