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And how do we describe our success today?

Friday, October 19, 2018

Smiling faces: teachers, parents and students

Engaged parents
Flowers on tables
Refreshments for parents
Proud children
Personalized, beautifully presented and colorful learning displayed in classrooms
Up to date portfolios and documentation for parents on hand
The small touches that make the difference
Open, friendly, warm greetings by teachers to all parents
Dedicated teachers and learning assistants who are calm, organized, knowledgeable and experienced
Commitment to caring, confidence in doing, loving in actions
Everyone doing that little bit extra, knowing they really appreciate being in a great school- and knowing they make it special by all they do
Shared beliefs and values about learning and partnerships with parents
Colleagues who know their own inner child and can see the world through the eyes of a child
Professional empathy, personal care
Creating a sense of belonging
Everyone being real, authentic and transparent
Colleagues who are trusted experts about children and learning
A fabulous day of learning, celebration and sharing at the International School of Stuttgart's Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences.