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Around Latin America in 80 Songs

Monday, June 8, 2020

Grade 8 Spanish at the International School of Stuttgart

Can we learn about a country’s culture through pop music? With this question Grade 8 students embarked on a journey through Spanish-speaking countries in the American continent to explore its rich and diverse culture and geography. We travelled from the sandy beaches of the Caribbean sea to the flat lands of the Plata River in Uruguay and Argentina to the sound of merengue, reggae, Latin pop and even a 80s rock classic ¡Salta!

The students had to pick a song from a list, understand the lyrics, research the singer or band, their country of origin, and places and activities you can do there. In addition, most students were able to compare the effects of the current Covid-19 pandemic in their Latin American country to Germany and briefly explain what the singer or band of their choice was doing to help. We are really amazed and proud to see how all students rose to the challenge to produce great presentations, full of interesting facts about music, food and solidarity. ¡Enhorabuena!