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Continuing on our birthday countdown...

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Continuing on our birthday countdown,

Global citizenship and service learning are important features of the ISS experience and like our school have grown from small beginnings.
Continuing with our birthday countdown, 2005 saw the first of a successful series of Habitat for Humanity volunteer construction trips with students working alongside low-income families to build family shelter. Social responsibility is also a feature of Model United Nations and our students had been attending MUN conferences elsewhere for a number of years before taking the plunge to host an English language Model United Nations conference for the first time in 2008. From small beginnings the number of students attending MUNISS from both international and German schools rose over the years to reach over 500 ten years later.  
The 2008/09 school year saw Mr. Kelley join us as Director and the school facing the challenge of continually rising student numbers and expanding academic programmes. A feasibility study identified both the needs in terms of additional facilities and the capacity of the site to meet those needs. At the same time the third round of temporary accommodation in Degerloch was installed during the summer of 2009. For the Upper School “das Dörfle” provided three additional classrooms and a drama and examinations space, while at the other end of the campus “the Nest” brought new facilities for the youngest students. Following an architectural competition planning of the extension that would house an additional sports hall, additional classrooms and community facilities began in the school year 2009/10.