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Erasmus+ Project

Monday, June 4, 2018

Over the past 2 years, ISS Sindelfingen Campus has led the Erasmus+ project that has brought 4 schools across Europe together, to explore and celebrate our cultural traditions through our dual language teaching approaches. Last week we welcomed our partner schools from Spain, The Netherlands and Estonia. 

They were visiting to learn about the local area's modern tradition (vehicle manufacturing) at Mercedes-Benz, and historical tradition (weaving) at the Webereimuseum, and found their visits thoroughly enriching. How many people - even in this area - have travelled around Mercedes-Benz's vehicle-testing track, at high speed, in a specially adapted test bus demonstrating slalom maneuvers and more? They will remember this for years to come, but they also learned about the importance of needing to know the past if we want to shape the future, the importance of emotional intelligence in the design process, as well as using nature as inspiration for design ideas.

Their engagement with the weaving activity was inspirational, with many students asking to have a loom in school!

Over these two days, we got some clear impressions of “then, now and the future” with respect to this town. Our Erasmus+ friends also participated in and contributed towards the ISS Sindelfingen Campus INTERNATIONAL MAY FESTIVAL on the Saturday. Students danced, sang and performed a play, we enjoyed a variety of exotic foods from various cultures, played games and got to know each other better. It was a celebration of our unity through our cultural diversity.