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Faculty Profile

"I absolutely love everything about the school. The teachers and the staff are truly amazing. My favorite aspects of the school: cooking class, extremely supportive staff to help with each of the kids needs, the teachers are amazing and I love the entire community and breadth of connections an entire family can make." Family Survey 2015







Coming from over 40 nationalities and even more countries, our staff has the privilege to work with a student body that is truly multicultural, representing all manners of economic diversity. Our largest student nationality groups consist of the following:

USA 31%, German 29%, Japan 9%, Indian 5%, UK 3%, Other 23%

Our Staff is similarly international, coming largely from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and of course Germany.  We have an average tenure of 6 years, and all members of our teaching staff are certified.  Many of our staff are experienced International Baccalaureate instructors and examiners. 

Click here for a summary of our faculty expectations and responsibilities.