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Graduation Speech

Friday, September 16, 2016
‘Making your mark, making mistakes to accompany pencil gifts from the IB’
Grade 5
Forty-two years ago, during my lunch time, I would dash out of school and run the mile to my grandma’s house. I used to time myself and be happy if I could do it in less than seven minutes. Always, when I arrived she would have a cup of tea for me, a few biscuits, and then I would sit down with her and have my lunch. The biscuits were always in this tin: an antique even then. I would like Jammy dodgers and Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers.
As a teacher, I always try to imagine what it is like to be you, or me, as I was, at age ten. I don’t want to forget, because it was, and is, a special time. All times are special, but when you remember them many years later, in the mid afternoon of your life, the mornings take on a special quality and one you try to capture.
So for this year’s graduation, I have a letter written just for you, in this box here, the very same one Grandma used to store her biscuits in: a letter that I am writing for you and for me all those years ago. In it I am writing to the child or young person about to leave Primary School.