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The Great Chippewa Nation

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Mr Taylor of the Great Chippewa Nation gave a powerful presentation on human equality and racial justice for our Grade 10 Spanish Class students on our Sindelfingen Campus.

. Being an international school with an emphasis on fostering Global Citizens, our focus for the current unit is mirroring the important issues and discussions being raised across the globe about human dignity, equality, and justice. Recognising the power of this moment, we wanted to inform our students and begin a dialogue that would not end in discussion, but in true change. We want to enable students to take meaningful action in their lives that will positively impact the lives of others, now and in their future.
Mr Taylor generously gave examples from his own life and that of the complex and rich history of the true Native American people and their nations. This was a learning experience that definitely had an impact on our students and will remain a memorable moment for the rest of their lives and we are very lucky to have Mr Taylor as part of our ISS community.  
True change starts with this kind of education and open discussion. Our best hope is that our students take these lessons and apply them throughout their lives, creating opportunities and a world that is inclusive, just, and truly equal.