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Hidden From View on the Sindelfingen Campus

Thursday, July 2, 2020

As befits a former bank building, there is more to the building where our Sindelfingen Campus is housed than meets the eye.  In fact, there are more storeys below ground than above ground!
The former bank vaults are occupied by an outpost of the Deutsches Literaturarchiv based in Marbach am Neckar. Some of the literature from the museum is stored in the vaults, which are perfect for storing books and paper documents as they are air-conditioned. 
With the exception of the top floor Early Years and Middle School classrooms, the whole building is air conditioned and mechanically ventilated and that requires a huge amount of technical equipment in various levels of basement.
One of the things that our two campuses have in common buried away in the basements is that thy both have combined heat and power units. These cogeneration systems use gas-powered engines to generate electricity and heat thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions.
So, thank you to our caretaker team for keeping all the building services that are hidden away in our basements functioning!