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Ireland meets Eritrea, Afghanistan et al.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

International School of Stuttgart #ceílí


A fantastic opportunity to celebrate Celtic culture on St. Patrick’s Day with a Ceílí at the second International Café of 2019. Demonstrations of both Soft and Hard Shoe Dancing by members of the Stuttgart based Halpin School of Irish Dance were followed by Ceílí Dancing. All the refugee children and young adults joined in the fun and wore themselves out dancing reels!

St. Patrick’s Day was not the only reason for celebration. The International School of Stuttgart welcomed to Germany a family from Eritrea who were celebrating 21 days of living in Stuttgart and are looking forward to learning German.

We also celebrated the relocation of one family, from the refugee home to their own apartment. This family have attended the International Café since they moved into the accommodation at the Waldau three years ago and although we will miss them, we wish them well for their future.