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It´s good to talk

Friday, February 9, 2018

Back in the 1990's there was a slogan for a telephone company campaign in Great Britain called "It's good to talk". 

Yesterday and today at the ISS Degerloch Campus has reminded us of this slogan, and how relevant it is to what we do in education.

The time to sit down and talk about learning, to reflect on where children are and where they are going, to consider what we can all do to support them and to help clarify any mis-conceptions and misunderstandings about our school and our Program is invaluable. 

Not just the designated Parent/Teacher meeting places, but also the entrance halls and corridors were buzzing with conversations teacher to teacher and parent to teacher. There was a very positive and supportive atmosphere around the school and as we head into the spring (Fasching) break, we do so looking forward positively for the rest of the year of learning together.