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Friday, November 24, 2017

MINT (German) Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften und Technologie

STEM (English) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

We are delighted to announce that ISS has met the required standards and has been awarded the status 'MINT-freundliche Schule’ (STEM-friendly school).  ISS is the only international school in Baden-Württemberg and one of less than five international schools in Germany to achieve this recognition.

Based as we are in a city renowned for its contributions to engineering and technology, ISS believes that today’s world requires a creative approach to problem solving.  STEM + Arts = STEAM.  For us this has for many years meant a multidisciplinary approach to teaching these subjects to a high standard, dedication to promoting students' development of problem-solving and other skills, with our curricular and extra-curricular activities from the IB Personal Project to our Science and Inventors Clubs and our involvement in national and international competitions and the forging of active partnerships with local industry to give students opportunities to be introduced to exciting, emerging developments, fostering a greater involvement in and understanding of our technological world.

This approach has now been officially recognized by the German authorities.  Under the auspices of the federal “Kultusministerkonferenz” (KMK) and the Minister for Education of the Land Baden-Württemberg, the 'MINT-freundliche Schule’ recognition is awarded once a year to schools that demonstrate excellence in the teaching of MINT/STEM subjects, a comprehensive concept in terms of cross-curricular activity both in the classroom and in terms of extra-curricular activities and that also reach out beyond the school boundaries to embrace involvement with both academia and industry.

We believe that through a process of continuous development in these areas students will be inspired to follow careers within STEM, or, if not, apply the acquired knowledge, skills, techniques and thinking to their chosen disciplines.

For those interested, the ISS application for recognition (currently only in German) can be found here.