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MUNISS 2018!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

MUNISS 2018 is officially over and it was a great success! There were approximately 550 participants from over 30 schools around the world involved in three days of intense committee sessions at ISS. 
We had the whole conference at ISS this year and our students moved every table and chair we possess in the school to accommodate the active debates. They debated many different topics from labor rights and chemical attacks to the militarization of the seas and they had quite a few delegates awards from ISS.

The leadership team did an amazing job and we are very impressed that a few students can run a conference of 550 people. We would like to personally thank everyone who was part of the MUNISS 2018 Secretariat this year. From organized housing accommodations, gourmet catering, communications with many nationalities around the world, MUNISS snapchat filters and magazines to professionally-led ceremonies and a great party, they have amazed us all the weeks and months prior to and during the 11th annual MUNISS conference.

ISS has been very well-represented and all the credit goes to our dedicated students.