Learning Outcomes

Last week saw all teachers and learning assistants come together at the Degerloch Campus to revisit our learning outcomes and expectations across all subjects and all grade levels to ensure alignment with what we believe about learning and with our learning programmes. Concurrently, our divisional leaders completed their review all of all of our policy … Continued

Learning New Skills

As an introduction to Service as Action the Grade 6 students collaborated to design and make a quilt for the School Nurse’s room. The idea was the quilt would help sick students or teachers feel warm and the colourful and happy pictures would be cheering and help the person to feel better. Students first sketched … Continued

Where is Africa?

Grade 8 students had the opportunity to visit the Linden Museum collection to explore “Where is Africa?” as part of their studies in Individuals and Societies. Students were able to explore exhibits including the Middle East, South and East Asia, South America, and the Pacific. Those entailed artefacts, clothing, religion and more which perfectly summed … Continued

Sound Advice

Mr. Scavillo, CFO of AriensCo, introduced our Financial Unit to the Grade 11 Business Management class by sharing his career path, business advice, and financial accounts such as the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account. The students enjoyed asking questions and applying their course knowledge to a real-life example.