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Sports Club

In Germany, sports are not organized by the schools, but rather in sport clubs called "Sportverein." Wherever possible and appropriate, the ISS competitive sports teams are organized this way. The forming of the ISS Sportverein (SV-ISS) in 2003 has since enabled many opportunities for our teams to compete on a regular basis, providing a foundation of experience needed to compete internationally. The SV-ISS teams play in local leagues against other Vereine in the Stuttgart area. They may also include other athletes that do not attend ISS, and coaches are not always teachers at ISS, but other local people approved and hired by the Sportverein Manager. 

“There is such a strong team dynamic driving the teams at our school.” ISS grade 11 student






Please take a look at the SV-ISS Catalog to find descriptions of the sports offered and additional inforamtion can be found on our Sportverein website

The ISS Sportverein Mission: to organize and promote competitive sports activities with the surrounding community. The SV-ISS works hand-in-hand with ISS to provide a greater school experience for our students and their families within the host country. 

Sportverein Membership and Fees: membership in the ISS Sportverein is for one year and must be renewed annually. The annual membership fee for non-competitive sports is 150 Euros for all members. The fee for our competitive sports (Track & Field, Basketball and Football) is 175€ for all members. For a second sport (except tennis) you will be charged 50% of the per sport membership fee. The membership fee for the tennis team is 450 Euros due to the higher cost for coaches and tennis courts.

If you have questions, please contact the Sportverein Manager, Stoimir Ivandic