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Supporting our Grade 12 Students

Friday, October 11, 2019

International School of Stuttgart e.V. Supporting our Grade 12 Students

Grade 12 is a busy time for students and their families as they prepare for their final assessments, many pieces of work and making their choices towards finishing school. ISS works with Laterna Education to support students and their families during this time.
Students had the opportunity to work with Liam Travers during his travels through Germany and Switzerland. He works for Laterna and come to ISS for a “Tips for Parents” workshop to over 50 ISS families. From discussing the DP, talking about how to avoid procrastination, how to plan ahead and how to get a clean study space at home, the workshop aimed to help manage the challenges of the DP.
He followed this up with a four hour workshop for Grade 12 students. This covered similar topics from a student perspective as he studied the IB Diploma three years ago.
Thoughts from our students…
“As a grade 12 student, the tips and suggestions that Liam suggested to us to help us increase our maximum potential when it comes to our IB Diploma were extremely helpful, engaging and enjoyable. It wasn’t like a lecture, or a speech where we all just sat there and listened to someone talk at us for four hours: it was much more than that. Working on the packet he gave us to fill out during the presentation helped all of us see the relevance of what he was saying, as well as help us apply it to our own lives individually. I really enjoyed his teaching style as well: it was extremely interactive, which made it more fun for us as students, as well as for him teaching us“. - N. Rodd
“The approaches to learning workshop conducted by Laterna was a good productive way to spend our Wednesday. The strategies presented to us by a fellow IB learner were really helpful in improving our organization and revision skills. Those who attended now have a good understanding of how to prioritize, divide and schedule tasks; as well as approaching challenging pieces of work like the Extended Essay and the Internal Assessments. The presenter was really charismatic and allowed us to identify with him in our experience through the IB Diploma years”. - J. Guarin