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Sindelfingen Campus Profile

The ISS Sindelfingen Campus was established in 2003 to serve the needs of businesses and families in the thriving Böblingen/Sindelfingen area to the south west of Stuttgart. One of the campus’ key differentiators is its relatively small community ratio of teachers to students. Classes are taught in mixed age groups from the Early Years (4 and 5 years old) to 10th grade. The Sindelfingen Campus is authorised by the International Baccaulaerate to offer its Middle Years Program (MYP) in grades 6 - 10. The IB MYP is the program which leads into the IB Diploma Program. The MYP Certificate which is attainable through this course of study is also recognized by the Kultusministerkonferenz as the equivalent of the German Mittlerer Reife. Students transfer to the Degerloch Campus for the Diploma Years classes (11th and 12th grade). 

The ISS Sindelfingen Campus offers a dual language (English/German) learning environment for internationally-mobile and internationally-minded families. This dual-language teaching approach provides additional language learning opportunities for all students, and it also includes mother-tongue teaching of the core concepts and skills (in numeracy, reading and writing for example) with English and German teachers working as a team in the Primary School classrooms. Paying specific attention to the individual abilities, learning styles and needs of every pupil, our dedicated, caring teachers nurture the growth of each individual child.

Like the Degerloch campus, the Sindelfingen campus offers a wide variety of afternoon activities albeit to a smaller population.  An important characteristic of the commitment to experiential or holistic learning is the commitment to local integration.  Students on the Sindelfingen campus will become well connected to one of the oldest communities in southern Germany.

Watch the video for a sneak preview of our Sindelfingen Campus, where learning is at the core of all we do, compassion and focus on pastoral care are valued and learning beyond the classroom is a vital aspect of our relations with the local community. Book an appointment now and come and see for yourself!